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Cloud Computing Solutions

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You've probably been hearing about cloud computing. Everybody's talking about it these days. But when you get beyond the hype, most cloud computing solutions offer little more than an alternate place to store your data. At ADT, we can show you how it can be much more.

ADT is a Microsoft Certified Cloud Accelerate Partner.
ADT is proud to have earned the Microsoft Cloud Accelerate badge, which demonstrates our ability to meet our customers' evolving needs in today's dynamic cloud marketplace. While more than 25,000 Microsoft partners have joined the Cloud Essentials program, fewer than 1,000 have distinguished themselves by achieving the Cloud Accelerate Badge.

Cloud computing solutions for your IT department.
Rather than just moving your current IT environment to the cloud, Microsoft cloud computing solutions are about creating new technology options that help drive your business forward. We believe Microsoft offers the most comprehensive set of cloud computing services on earth. Products like Microsoft Office 365, Windows Azure, and Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V give you the flexibility and control to use them exactly the way you want to.

Cloud computing solutions customized for you.
With these solutions, we can show you how you can move capabilities and data to the cloud on your terms. And distribute them where it makes sense for your organization whether in your own datacenter or elsewhere. Build, extend, or migrate to the cloud by using powerful development and management tools that work across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Start today. You already have the skills.
Microsoft cloud computing solutions are built on familiar, best-in-class products. So you can tap your existing skill sets and the technology you already have to ease the transition. Invest in Microsoft cloud computing technology, and you can be confident about keeping up with whatever's next.