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Continuity of Operations

For many of us, when we hear the phrase "disaster preparedness," we think fire drills or evacuation routes.
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We make a mental note to review our building's emergency exit locations with employees and leave it at that.

Yet disaster preparedness involves much more than understanding where to go in the event of an emergency, especially since disasters aren't always physical. They can be virtual, too, and come in the form of cybercrime attacks or network failures.

Businesses that fail to fully ready themselves for potential disasters could face terrible consequences. Consider this harsh reality: the U.S. Department of Labor estimates more than 40 percent of businesses never reopen following a disaster and, of the remaining companies, at least 25 percent will close in two years.

Let ADT help you with a spectrum of preparedness solutions from Microsoft, Kroll Ontrack and Netgear.

Rather than view data as something we back up regularly, we prefer an approach that focuses on what our restore scenarios will look like, and that can be tested regularly to ensure proper functionality and adherence to original design principles. With that in mind, our solutions are designed around the following goals:
  • No single point of failure; data is stored on redundant hardware in multiple locations
  • Monitoring of overall system health on a day-to-day basis, with regular testing of restore scenarios
  • Planned five-year system life span; hardware and software scale with planned business growth
  • Automated processes based on industry standards
  • Written and tested recovery procedures
  • Written classification of types of company data retention policies to suit
  • Simple systems and simple software products
  • System designed for recovery of single point of failure up to complete business restore

The systems we put in place achieve the following goals:
  • Two-day complete company restoration with four-hour server restoration
  • Complete backup of data that resides on servers and workstations
  • Ability to restore to different hardware
  • Access to company data during power failure or acts of God
  • Complete data set not compromised by hardware or software issues
  • Data not compromised by fire, water or other catastrophe at your location

We use several technologies which reduce the overall cost of our solution while increasing performance. Comparable solutions not only cost more up front, but have greatly exaggerated total life-cycle costs. Backup and restore is one area where paying less up front can really cost you more later. We employ the following technologies and procedures, which are critical to preventing this situation:
  • Data deduplication technology decreases total storage requirements by up to 60 percent.
  • Industry best practices eliminate unexpected costs and downtime down the road.
  • Hardware and software solutions are designed to work together and are supported by vendors for life span of product.
  • Broad platform support allows expansion as your business grows.